9:30 AM Jul 3, 2015
Don Robin White Jr. reportedly underwent surgery in Nashville after escaping
8:01 AM Jul 1, 2015
Only one 'no' vote cast as proposal sails through
8:00 AM Jul 1, 2015
Music in the Park, parade among planned activities
7:58 AM Jul 1, 2015
Program provides free learning and developmental services to eligible children
7:56 AM Jul 1, 2015
Law may not be popular, but it's here to stay
7:54 AM Jul 1, 2015
School opened on June 21, 1965
7:53 AM Jul 1, 2015
More properties expected to be sold later this year
7:51 AM Jul 1, 2015
Drivers caught without insurance could have car towed, pay bigger fines
7:50 AM Jul 1, 2015
Serious injuries, even death can result from misuse
7:48 AM Jul 1, 2015
Reflecting on sacrifices brings new meaning to festivities
7:46 AM Jul 1, 2015
This photo from the early 1900s shows members of the McMurtry family threshing their wheat crop on their Payne’s Store community farm. A young Sam McMurtry, wearing a straw hat, stands by a pile of fresh straw ready for his summer bedding!
Grow crops by day, turn leftover straw into bedding for night
7:45 AM Jul 1, 2015
Rev. Diantha S. McLeod appointed to lead congregation
7:43 AM Jul 1, 2015
Pregnancy Help Center of Smith County offers counseling, life resources
7:41 AM Jul 1, 2015
Pakistan-born Christian will speak at church July 10-12
7:39 AM Jul 1, 2015
Knowing how to properly store your fruits and veggies can help you keep them fresh longer
7:38 AM Jul 1, 2015
Editor’s Note: The following are suspects booked in the Trousdale County jail during the specified timeframe. All persons charged are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
7:37 AM Jul 1, 2015
Rate increases slightly from previous month