By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Changes to Trousdale County’s zoning regulations with regards to outdoor shooting ranges were presented to the Planning Commission during its April 10 meeting.

The Planning Commission earlier this year appointed a subcommittee to recommend changes after a controversial proposal submitted by the Gallatin Gun Club, which would have relocated to Trousdale County.

The proposal fell through after residents living near the proposed site rallied opposition and the land proved not large enough to accommodate the club.

“There were a few things that we thought the language need to be clarified as to what it meant,” county building inspector Dwight Jewell said to the Planning board members.

Jewell added that, to his knowledge, the Gallatin Gun Club was no longer looking at options within Trousdale County.

The amended regulations will include, but is not limited to, the following restrictions:

Parcel must be 10 acres or greater;

Point of discharge of firearm must meet minimum distance requirements from occupied structures, public or private roads – 1,000 feet from rear of shooting range and 250 feet in all other directions;

All projectile and shot shall fall within property of shooting range; and

Decibel levels measured at property line shall not exceed 70 dB.

Site plan approval will also require a sound abatement plan, defining the dissipation of noise within the range.

“That is probably the toughest part of the site plan submittal in our regulations. 70 decibels… is a tough standard to meet. That’s about normal conversation,” added Rick Gregory, representative from the Greater Nashville Regional Council.

The proposed changes must be approved by the County Commission at two separate meetings. First reading is expected to be at the April 24 meeting, followed by a public hearing and second reading at May’s meeting.

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