By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

State Rep. Judd Matheny visited Hartsville on Friday afternoon as part of his campaign for the U.S. Congress next year.

Matheny has announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for Tennessee’s Sixth District in the House of Representatives. That seat has been held by Diane Black since 2011.

Black, who currently chairs the House Budget Committee, has been widely rumored to be considering a run for governor next year but has yet to state publicly whether she will in fact run, or will seek re-election to Congress.

Chris Gregory / Hartsville Vidette
State Rep. Judd Matheny, center, poses with family, campaign workers and local Republicans during his visit to Hartsville last week. Matheny will seek election to the Sixth District’s seat in Congress next year.

Asked if he would still seek the Sixth District nomination if Black seeks re-election, Matheny said, “I’m in anyway.”

Matheny has been the state representative for District 47 for 15 years. His district consists of parts of Coffee and Warren counties.

He is considered one of the most conservative legislators in the General Assembly and is a veteran of both the Tennessee Army National Guard and of law enforcement.

In a press release announcing his candidacy, Matheny touted his record on a number of issues, such as fighting prescription drug abuse, protecting the unborn and Second Amendment, opposing illegal immigration, opposing Common Core standards in schools and providing for the needs of the senior population.

Matheny said he is a strong supporter of President Trump and said he will focus on the following areas if elected:

1. Lower taxes

2. Fewer regulations

3. Reined-in government spending

4. Private-sector economic growth

5. Enforcement of the rule of law

6. Authority to the individual states

7. Individual responsibility and economic freedom

8. Providing strong security to protect Americans

In his press statement, Matheny said he “believes… that our Federal Government must not be allowed to dictate Tennessee’s definition of marriage, our bathroom policies or the makings of a school lunch. Citizens of Tennessee must not be forced to follow distorted ideas of social justice from organizations that actively vow to destroy our conservative way of life by forcing those and similar policies into our daily lives, businesses and institutions.”

Matheny has been married to his wife, Christy, for 18 years. The couple has two children in high school.

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