By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Controversy arose on the Internet over the weekend with regards to a bill filed by State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver.

The bill, HR 1406, would repeal a current statute that deems children conceived through artificial insemination to be the legitimate child of a husband and wife, provided that the procedure was performed with the husband’s consent.

Terri Lynn Weaver

The bill’s filing led to multiple claims posted on Facebook and other websites that the proposed measure would make such children illegitimate, while also potentially affecting same-sex couples who seek to have a child. No current state law clarifies the status of children born to married same-sex couples via artificial insemination.

Weaver responded to the claims by pointing out that her bill would simply clear up confusing language in state law.

On her Facebook page Sunday night, Weaver posted; “…There is another statute, TCA 36-2-304, still on the books that makes it clear that when a child is born to a married woman, the child is presumed to be that of her husband. So, the repeal of the law does not de-legitimize a child conceived by insemination and, to be honest, the law that will remain on the books is less intrusive into the relationship of a husband and wife than the statute being repealed. Unlike the law being repealed, the remaining law… does not have the government inquiring into the means by which the couple’s child came into existence…”

The Vidette was unable to reach Weaver for comment.

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