By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Trousdale County students bested the state average on the ACT by a full point, according to results released last week by the state.

Trousdale students averaged a 20.8 score on the college preparatory exam, tying a local mark set in 2015. The average score was up from a 20.2 in 2016.

Director of Schools Clint Satterfield emphasized that the state’s numbers represented a student’s most recent ACT test and not necessarily their best score overall.

“The state will release data from the student’s best score later in the month. We are hoping for even higher results,” Satterfield said.

Satterfield said he was “thrilled” that the county had averaged over a 20 for the third consecutive year – a first for the district.

“Our students are more consistently prepared for college or other postsecondary education than ever,” he said.

Results were also released for each of the four college-ready benchmarks set by the testing agency. Meeting those scores gives students an estimated 75 percent chance at earning a C or better in corresponding college classes.

Again, Trousdale students exceeded the state average in all four benchmarks.

The averages were 20.8 in English (state average 19.5), 20.7 in Math (19.2), 20.4 in Reading (20.1) and 20.7 in Science (19.9). Trousdale students met all four benchmarks at a 21 percent rate, ahead of the state average of 19 percent.

The state will release later this month a county average based on a student’s highest score.

Additionally, TCHS students will have a chance to retake the ACT at school next month on Oct. 17.

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