By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

A man on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Top 10 Most Wanted list surrendered Thursday morning to Trousdale County officials.

Photo courtesy of TBI

According to the TBI, Dylan Cecil Ferguson, 20, turned himself in at the Trousdale County Sheriff’s Office. Ferguson was added to the TBI list after escaping from the Macon County Jail on Wednesday along with two other prisoners: Jeffrey Strong and Matt White. Reports said the trio dug a tunnel in their jail cell and got out through a wall. The Macon County Sheriff’s Office said the men then stole a truck, which was later recovered.

Both Strong and White remained at large and the search for them was ongoing.

Neither Trousdale County Sheriff Ray Russell nor Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons were immediately available for comment.

Ferguson was facing criminal homicide charges in the 2016 death of a Trousdale County man, Brandon Michael Fye.

A family member helped coordinate Ferguson’s surrender, according to the TBI. He was returned to the Macon County Jail and will likely face felony escape charges as well.

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