By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Vandals struck at a Hartsville man’s home just before Christmas, damaging one of the larger holiday displays in the county.

James McCall came home to find that his extensive holiday decorations had been torn up by an unknown individual or individuals. A neighbor had noticed the damage and phoned McCall, who returned to his home on Latti Reese Road with his family on Christmas Eve.

“They tore just about everything across the front (yard),” McCall said. “I had lanterns across the front, a 12-foot Santa Claus that was ripped up, candy canes that were kicked around, some tossed in the creek.”

Chris Gregory / Hartsville Vidette
Some of the damaged display items are seen here.

The vandals also tore up McCall’s mailbox and did other damage to the property. McCall estimated the total damages at between $1,500 and $2,000.

Neighbors helped retrieve some decorations that had been tossed in a nearby creek, and sheriff’s deputies found some items out on Starlite Road.

McCall has been decorating his home and yard for the holidays for a number of years and takes months setting up his displays.

McCall said sheriff’s officials had not yet found who was responsible.

“Whoever did it, I’m pretty sure, knew we weren’t home,” McCall said. “They would have been taking a chance, making noise, if we were here.

“I put the displays up for people to enjoy, so I hope whoever tore it down enjoyed it as much. I wish I could get ill over it, but I just can’t.”

Anyone with any information can contact the Trousdale County Sheriff’s Department at 615-374-3994.

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