By Shelby Christian, UT Extension Agent

Do you know the parts of a recipe or how to read one? Do you know the difference between a dry and a liquid measuring cup? Can you tell us the different parts of a knife?

I know one thing for sure – the group of 4-H’ers that attended our ‘Adventures in the Kitchen Culinary Camp’ can! Over the course of the three days, these 4-H’ers were able to learn that and much more. Each day, they applied those skills to create their own healthy but tasty lunch! They had a blast! At the end of each day, they received a copy of all the recipes that they made and some materials to help them accomplish one of the goals.

Submitted photo
Trousdale County 4-Hers participated recently in a Kitchen Culinary Camp courtesy of the UT Extension Office. Pictured from left are, front row: Bethany Zarichansky, Izabella Hobby, Erin Reynolds, Bryson Dupont, Noah Jellison, Charlie Beth Wright, Emma Pilewicz, Christian Coble. Back row: Extension Agent Shelby Christian, Merceah Lee, Brooklyn Webb, Volunteer Willow, Jayda Harris, Anna Towns, Madison West.

On Day 1 the 4-Hers learned all about reading recipes and measuring. They were able to test their knowledge on each topic by solving a recipe scramble. After that they were able to apply what they learned about measuring into creating Kool-Aid playdough. It was messy, but fun! Then they applied what they learned to create a wonderful breakfast lunch of vegetable scrambled eggs, parfaits, homemade biscuits, bacon and sausage. For dessert they made peanut butter protein balls. After lunch, the students were able to get plenty of exercise by playing games outside such as popcorn and relay races.

Day 2 was all about cutting! Students were able to learn about different kitchen utensils, including one of the most vital in the knife. Every 4-H’er learned about the different parts of the knives, different kinds of knives, and lastly, different cuts with the knife that are specifically mentioned in recipes. They were able to practice their knife skills and the different cuts by practicing with the playdough they made, and the butter knives. After that, we had a wonderful fiesta Mexican meal! They made tacos, fruit salsa with cinnamon chips, fresh salsa and chips, guacamole, and black bean & corn salad. Each of the stations required cutting in some shape or form and they did such a great job! For physical activity, they were able to have some fun with special guest UT Extension Agent Michaela Pedigo from Macon County. They ran through stations and did all kinds of relay races. It was a wonderful second day.

Day 3 was the final day and the 4-H’ers were able to do a lot of team building to win activities. They were able to see what it’s like to work together and communicate, just like how they must in the kitchen. They loved getting to compete against each other. On the last day, they were able to make burgers, cowboy beans, pasta salad and fruit salad. It was a healthy and very good lunch. Lastly, the 4-H’ers were able to learn more about exercise and how important it is for your body with another special guest in Kate Tippitt, Sumner County UT Extension Agent. They went through circuit training and fun dancing to cap off an amazing week.

This was a very successful camp and I cannot thank the parents enough for allowing their children to come and learn new skills all three days! I would also like to thank UT Extension Agents Tippitt and Pedigo for coming to do physical activity with Trousdale County 4-H’ers. Lastly, I would like to thank all my volunteers that helped, including teen leader Willow Jones, and adults Michelle Christian, Kathy Atwood and Talitha Austin, and FCE club members Barbara Towns and Rannye Roberson. This camp would not have been as successful without their help!

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