By Grace Thomas

Monday night was the second annual fundraising dinner for Hartsville’s Community Pregnancy Center.

CPC Director Peg Shonebarger was thrilled with the turnout, saying, “I thought the program went very well! I got lots of compliments from people saying how nice it was.”

There were around 150 people in attendance and the dinner raised an estimated $13,160 to help the center’s mission to minister to and provide help for expectant mothers.

Chris Gregory / Hartsville Vidette

Creekside Fellowship Church was full of people and the food was delicious! Thank you to Amy and Russell Terrell as the service was beyond belief. All the teens and preteens who served were very professional!

Our master of ceremonies, Art Pinzur, introduced chaplain Jon Shonebarger, who gave the blessing.

After a delightful meal, our first speaker came forward to relate how the Pregnancy Center helped her, her husband and their young son in a time of great need.

Russell Terrell then came forward to talk about ways of giving. Sure, giving money outright is great and so is writing a check or swiping your card, but there are other ways to give that attendees probably didn’t know about.

If you shop online via Amazon, you can give through a program called Amazon Smile that will give 0.5 percent of your purchase cost to the charity of your choice. Hopefully you will choose the Community Pregnancy Center of Hartsville!

Or if you shop at Kroger, that company has its Community Rewards program – donate to the CPC with the organization number MP 290. These are all very easy ways to give to a very worthy cause!

Our last speaker of the evening was Mark Hays, who talked about what needs to be done and what we can do. He reminded us that we live in a broken world, but that the CPC is here to help save mothers and children. The CPC will walk and support that mother throughout her pregnancy and beyond in any way we possibly can.

If you were not at the dinner Monday night and would like to help support the Community Pregnancy Center, the workers at the center would be eager to talk with you. Call 615-680-8026 for more information.

Grace Thomas is a Trousdale County resident and volunteer at the Community Pregnancy Center.