By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

A Hartsville college student is using a unique fundraising idea in hopes of making a mission trip next month to Puerto Rico.

Paige Hrobsky, a 2017 graduate of TCHS and a freshman at Cumberland University, spoke with The Vidette about the planned trip, which is being organized by the Wesley Foundation.

Paige Hrobsky

“I grew up in the Methodist church in Hartsville and was on a council youth ministry in high school,” Hrobsky said. “The Wesley Foundation is like a college version, through the Methodist church.

The Wesley Foundation is based out of Middle Tennessee State University, but Hrobsky said a branch chapter is in the process of going through organization at Cumberland.

To raise funds for the trip, Hrobsky is seeking a sponsor for each day in April. Sponsors pay the same amount as the day, with April 1’s sponsor paying $1 and April 30’s sponsor paying $30, for example.

Hrobsky said she had received “a lot of support” thus far, with almost half of April’s days already sponsored. She said she had participated in local mission trips before, but this would be her first trip outside the continental U.S.

“We went on a mission trip over Spring Break to Grundy County,” Hrobsky said. “Now we’re going to Puerto Rico with MTSU and Auburn University students.”

The mission trip, from May 8-16, is designed to provide aid to those still affected by last year’s Hurricane Maria.

“We’re going to build porches and that kind of thing,” Hrobsky said.

The fundraiser, if successful, will provide about a third of the costs for the trip. The Wesley Foundation is providing a third of the funding, and participants in the mission trip are expected to come up with a third on his or her own.

Hrobsky has a Facebook post explaining the fundraiser. Anyone interested in contributing can also go online to wesleyfoundationmt.org/donation-page or mail to: The Wesley Foundation, PO Box 10125, Murfreesboro TN 37129.

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