By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Hartsville’s public library is offering free lessons in cursive writing for Trousdale County students.

Classes are held from 5-5:45 p.m. each Tuesday at the Fred A. Vaught Public Library and are taught by Sheila Everett, who serves as outreach director for the library.

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Everett said many children today do not sufficiently learn how to write in cursive during school – something that can affect them later in life.

“Kids are not getting that extra writing time and learning how to write in cursive,” Everett said. “It’s important when they graduate and they have to start signing – on loans, to get a car, for example. They can’t read or write in cursive and you can’t sign everything electronically.

“Learning to read and write in cursive is still important and there’s just not time to teach it in depth in school.”

The curriculum is a 23-week course in cursive writing. Students are welcome as long as they have learned the alphabet and how to print.

Everett said she hoped to continue classes through the end of the school year and then resume after students return to school.

For more information on the class, contact the library at 615-374-3677.

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