By Hartsville Vidette Staff Reporter

County elections will take place in August 2018, with the county mayor and all 20 seats on the County Commission among the positions scheduled to be on the ballot.

The Trousdale County Election Commission and Administrator of Elections Steve Paxton have provided the following information on nominating petitions for anyone wishing to seek elected office.

All nominating petitions and any required supporting documents must be filed before noon on Thursday, April 5, 2018, in the Trousdale County Election Commission office in order to appear on the August 2018 Election Ballot.

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1. All petitions must be obtained from the Trousdale County Election Commission Office. Each petition must have the candidate’s name and office sought completed at the time the election office issues the petition. January 5, 2018 is the earliest day to pick up a nominating petition.

2. An individual may pick up a petition on a candidate’s behalf. Also, an individual may return the petition for the candidate. However, only the candidate may complete the candidate’s section and the candidate’s signature on each page. (No titles may be printed with the candidate’s name.)

3. Each petition issued will be treated as a public record. Petition information will be available to the public and media.

4. No photocopies of any petition will be accepted as a replacement for the original. If you lose your original petition, you must start over by obtaining another original petition from the county election office.

5. A candidate’s qualifying petition is required to have 25 nominating signatures, other than the candidate’s signature. These signatures must be people who are eligible to vote for the candidate. It is recommended that you obtain at least 50 signatures due to the fact that some people may not be registered voters, may have become ineligible to vote, have not changed their address with the Election Office or other issues which disqualify a signature.

6. All candidates are encouraged to return their nominating petition before the last day of the qualifying period to avoid missing the deadline. Nominating petitions will be checked in the order in which they are returned.

7. The State of Tennessee does not use “filing fees” as part of the nominating process.

8. The members of the Trousdale County Election Commission have the legal responsibility to place only the names of candidates on the ballot who have met all the necessary qualifications. A nominating petition is part of the process along with residency, felony inquiries and qualification checks.

If you have any questions about a nominating petition for the August 2018 election, please contact the Trousdale County Election Office at 615-374-2712 before the April 5, 2018 qualifying deadline.