By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Trousdale Medical Center has reopened its main entrance and emergency room after flood damage limited the facility’s operations for five months.

Chief Executive Officer Mike Herman gave The Vidette a tour of the renovated hospital, which was damaged by water flowing downhill from behind the building. Water entered the building and did considerable damage.

Chris Gregory / Hartsville Vidette
The remodeled nurses’ station in the emergency room at Trousdale Medical Center is shown here.

“We got new flooring, new paint and new cabinetry through half the hospital,” Herman said. “With that, we were able to improve the aesthetics of the building and improve the flow of patient care, especially in the ER.”

Herman said the drainage flow around the hospital has been addressed as part of the repairs to ensure the situation does not repeat itself.

Herman did not have an exact figure on what the repairs cost, as the hospital filed an insurance claim to cover repairs. He did estimate that the work might have totaled around $500,000.

The main entrance and emergency room, including the nurse’s station, got the biggest benefit from the repairs.

The hospital continued to operate during the renovations, moving into the undamaged portion of the building. The ER was run out of two patient rooms, and the nurses’ station and lab work were moved patient rooms as well. The hospital had just three patient rooms available during the repairs instead of its usual 11, but Herman said all rooms are now back in service for patients.

The sleep study and pulmonary rehab centers were offline during the repairs. They have not yet reopened but Herman said both are preparing to resume operation.

Some work still remains, mainly getting furniture in place for outpatient services.

“I’m extremely proud of my staff because we operated this hospital out of half a building,” Herman said. “We kept our services available to our community and ultimately didn’t have a significant impact on the care we provide.”

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