By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

An ordinance to require all Trousdale County residences and businesses to prominently display their address numbers will head to the full County Commission later this month.

The Codes & Zoning Committee approved the measure at its Jan. 2 meeting after further discussion on the measure. The proposed ordinance first came up at the committee’s November meeting but was delayed after questions arose over who would enforce such a measure.

Photo courtesy of publicdomainpictures.net

The ordinance, if passed, would require all homes and businesses to display address numbers at the driveway in some form. Numbers on the mailbox would meet the requirement but must be three inches tall if reflective or four if not reflective but on a distinguishable background.

If a mailbox was not located at a driveway, numbers would have to be displayed in some other fashion.

“EMS, if you’re having some kind of health issue, the sheriff’s department if there’s a prowler… we need to be able to see as we approach it,” said commissioner Ken Buckmaster, who proposed the ordinance.

Buckmaster noted that Smith County’s EMS was selling fiberglass posts to meet requirements of a similar ordinance in that jurisdiction, and would sell those to Trousdale County residents.

Violations can be fined $50 per day up to a maximum of $1,500, but there will be a 180-day grace period if the ordinance passes the County Commission to allow for compliance.

The county’s building inspector will be charged with enforcing the ordinance.

“There will be a lot of grace in enforcement,” added Commission Chairman Dwight Jewell. “We’ll notify violations with a personal call or letter.”

The ordinance will come before the full County Commission at its Jan. 27 meeting and will have to pass on two separate readings, with the second in February.

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