By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

The Planning Commission gave its approval to a pair of zoning requests during Monday night’s meeting.

The first would rezone a house on White Oak Street from C-1 (commercial) to R-1 (residential). The request came from Beeler Enterprises, which is looking to sell the home.

According to Building Inspector Sam Edwards, the county is seeing more instances of banks refusing loans where the zoning does not match the current use of the property. Other similar requests have been made and passed by the Planning Commission in recent months.

Courtesy of Trousdale County government

“We’re having issues with banks and realtors… basically your lots have to match your zoning,” Edwards told committee members. “This is a perfect example.”

The second is to carve a 1-acre tract off a farm on Dixon Creek Road and change it from A-1 (agricultural) to R-1.

The owner is one of three siblings who inherited the property. While they are looking to sell the farm, he wishes to retain ownership of the home that currently sits on the property.

The Planning Commission also heard from the owner of the BBQ Shack in Dixon Springs, who is looking to move into Hartsville with a food truck.

Current zoning regulations do not address food trucks in any way. Restaurants are required to be permanent fixtures, according to Rick Gregory from the Greater Nashville Regional Council.

Committee members suggested the matter be taken up by the Board of Zoning Appeals, which could grant a six-month waiver. That would allow the Planning Commission to come up with regulations for food trucks.

The Planning Commission also re-certified the site of the old Texas Boot Factory on Western Avenue for industrial use. The building is up for sale, but needed recertification as it has been unused for longer than 26 months.

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