By Hartsville Vidette Staff Reporter

House Speaker Beth Harwell last week unveiled her latest campaign ad that focuses on legalizing doctor-prescribed medical cannabis, and pledged to find an option that is “right for Tennessee.”

“I just know if it were my loved one, I would want that option,” she said in the ad. “Opioids must not be our only option for those in pain.”

Beth Harwell

Harwell, accompanied by Drs. Jeff Cook and Bruce Wolf, previewed the ad during a news conference in Nashville, where she outlined her support of medical cannabis.

She stressed that she was not in favor of recreational use of cannabis or smoking marijuana.

“What I am advocating for are the use of oils and additives that have been found to provide tangible medical benefits to veterans, children with seizures and cancer patients,” Harwell said. “It is important to give medical professionals one more treatment option, as well as patients the medical freedom to receive a treatment that best fits their health care needs.”

Harwell noted that 15 other states have some form of legalized cannabis. “I’m confident that as governor, I and the Legislature can craft a law that not only respects law enforcement, but also restores the quality of life to those suffering from debilitating pain and reduce our dependence on opioids.”

Harwell is the only candidate in the Republican primary who supports legalizing doctor-prescribed medical cannabis. Her new ad, which also features President Trump’s support of legalization, began airing statewide.