By Shelby Boyer, UT Extension Agent

Hey everyone! My name is Shelby Boyer, 4-H and Family and Consumer Science Agent here in Trousdale County. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this scary time. Sometimes, even in this situation, we want to look for ways that help our community, where we can send a card or something along those lines. I am going to share with you three different ways we can do that.

Make thank you cards! Thank all of your medical personnel. While you are stuck inside, I am sure there are markers, pens, paper, and other things such as that lying around. If you have them, make a few cards. Tell them “thank you for all you do!” or “we have you in our thoughts!” or even something like “like without you would be like a broken pencil, pointless!” All of these things will bring a smile to their face and it lets them know that there are people standing behind them 100 percent.

Send them some food! It can be just something as simple as delivered pizza, drive-thru biscuits, or even something you made with love. Some of the medical professionals I have talked to since this has started said that if you come from a clean home with washed hands, they will take it. Call and make sure the place you had in mind does and what their regulations are, but majority of the time they will take it. It can even be candy or something small that has cute sayings on it. Check Pinterest and other sources on the Internet for examples.

Make facemasks! A lot of the hospitals and other doctors’ offices have to wear facemasks all the time. They are running out of them as fast as they are getting them. One thing that is on the rise is helping them out by making the facemasks. I know that Trousdale County Medical Center is taking them. Call and make sure you know exactly how they are accepting them and other things such as that. Make sure you are practicing social distancing but this is a great way to serve your community in a large capacity. I will include two patterns that people all around the state are using!

These are just a few ways to give back to the ones that are on the frontlines of this virus! If you have any questions in regards to more ways you can help or other questions about serving others in your community, or just questions you want answered in general, please contact me via email at [email protected] or follow us on Facebook at UT-Extension Trousdale Co.