By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Brian Crook is announcing his candidacy for election to the County Commission representing the Eighth District.

Crook, 33, has lived in the Willard Community of Trousdale County for most of his life. He met his wife, Miranda, in high school and the couple has been married for 14 years. They have four children, Savanna, 13; Caitlyn, 11; Sean, 7; and Sadie, 1.

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“I have always had personal interest in history and government and how it’s affecting us today and how it can affect us tomorrow,” Crook said. “I believe it’s time that we bring a conservative vote to our county government. It’s time for the people of my district to be represented and not just the opinions or desires of any one individual. Government is intended to be for the people, by the people.”

Crook said he wants to fight to keep lower taxes and a lower cost of living in Trousdale County.

“I know a lot of income was lost when big tobacco corporations shut down a lot of the small farmers in the area. This was the only income source for a lot of those families,” Crook said.

“If it makes sense and if it’s beneficial to people in my district, then I’ll vote for it. I’d like to represent everyone in my district and not just a select few. To the people in the Eighth District, I’d like to ask you for your vote and your support. Let me be your voice and represent you and what’s best for our district. Let your voice be heard!

“Please come out and vote. Early voting begins on July 13 and runs through July 28, and Election Day is Aug. 2. Your vote and support are sincerely appreciated. Thanks and God Bless!”

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