By John Oliver, President, Historical Society

The Trousdale County Historical Society will be meeting on Saturday, Sept. 8 and the speaker will be Demetrius Greer.

Mr. Greer will speak on his ancestor, who was both a teacher and a preacher in Trousdale County.

Greer will discuss the educational legacy of the late Rev. William Dixon Greer, who served as a teacher for more than 61 years – of which 18 were in Trousdale County. While teaching for Trousdale County, he served as principal of Ward School and his wife Deanie Stewart Greer, a native of this county, served as one of the school’s teachers.

Rev. Greer, also known as Professor Greer, was a graduate of the former Roger Williams University in Nashville. For many years, Rev. Greer served as pastor of Gravel Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Bethpage. Rev. Greer, his wife, and some of their children are buried in Hager Cemetery in Hartsville.

Demetrius Greer is one of Rev. Greer’s many great-grandchildren.

The Historical Society meets the second Saturday of every month at 2 p.m. at the County Archives building at 328 Broadway.

The public is welcome at all Society meetings.

In addition to this special program, the Historical Society is also announcing that it now has its own website!

People seeking information on Trousdale County’s past can just go online and type in www.trousdalehistory.org and find a handsome and easy-to-use website.

The new website was prepared by Kent Moreland, a Hartsville native who now does website development professionally.

The website allows visitors to contact the Historical Society with any questions they might have on local history and also offers a collection of photos from our county’s past, a look at upcoming meetings of the Society and gives access to several videos the Society has made.

Be sure to visit the website regularly as the Society will post new photos every month under the heading, “Image of the Month.” The Society will also be adding pictures to its gallery of old photos as people bring in their old pictures. And the site will be adding more features in the coming months.

The Society hopes this new website will help people both locally and nationally look up and find information on our county and its illustrious past!