By Jon Shonebarger

We have never seen anything like this. Our common experience binds us together as we face the dangers of a worldwide pandemic. Our normal is held in abeyance. Life is on hold. Our routine has taken a sharp swerve into the unpredictable.

Wow, how quickly things can change! A simple glimpse of the stock market reveals that – a drop of about 10,000 points in a week. Many people have lost their jobs. Public assemblies have ceased. The streets of major cities have little traffic. Yes, it is a living nightmare!

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Jon Shonebarger

There is plenty of fear across our nation. Evidences are seen in the stockpiling of resources and the hoarding of commodities, like toilet paper, (for a respiratory virus). Panic? Unfortunately, yes. My concern is with the thought that desperate people can do desperate things. It is very disconcerting. However, it’s a necessary contemplation in light of the new times to which we have entered.

There must be a clarion call to all Christians!

Yes, these are perilous times, but times of trouble are spoken of in the Bible. For the student of Scripture, we should not we caught unaware, but rather looking at the signs of the times. The truth is, Jesus is coming again. Wisdom suggests we get our spiritual house in order and trust in God’s timing and plan.

We do not know the day or time of our Lord’s return, but being prepared for whenever that is, is godly wisdom. But there is more – we must encourage our friends and family to look to the Lord in faith. Certainly, there is no greater demonstration of our compassion for the human experience than to point them to a benevolent Savior. Their Creator, the One who loves them and cares about them. Amidst the panic, the fear and the suffering, God is the answer. There is hope in Jesus Christ.

Christian, it is high time we awake out of sleep. The church has been snoozing too long. Now is the time to awake from our slumber and activate across our communities, state and nation. God’s people must heed the call to minister to the elderly, the jobless, the homeless, poor and naked.

It is time for us to “self quarantine” to our prayer closet! The Lord is our hiding place; He will fill our hearts with songs of deliverance to all who are afraid. Trust Him! Let us pray for mercy. Let us petition the Almighty to visit our land with a mighty move of His Holy Spirit upon a nation that has largely turned its back on Him. Pray for revival!

Yes, a clarion call. Let us heed it, together! Let us make a difference in these troubling times. God bless YOU!

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