By Jack McCall

Last summer my wife, Kathy, and I cruised the inside passage of Alaska with friends from North Carolina. Our ship, the Norwegian Bliss, sailed out of Seattle. The seven-day cruise took us to the ports Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. It was a most enjoyable trip.

Across the Miles
Jack McCall

This fall marked our 40th wedding anniversary. That’s right, 40 years. The blue-eyed blonde and I have been married for four decades. That’s two-score years, or 480 months, or 2,080 weeks, or 14,600 days. In thinking about that span of time I recalled a line from our wedding vows. It went something like this: “in the bad that may darken your days and the good that may light your ways,” or something like that. Well, in those 40 years we saw some of the bad that darkened our days, but we have seen much more good that has shed light on our ways.

So, to celebrate 40 years we decided to see Alaska again.

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