By Hartsville Vidette Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

The Trousdale County Commission is set to take up and vote on two resolutions, one concerning making Trousdale County a gun sanctuary and the other to refuse the resettlement of any refugees to our county.

As Chairman of the Trousdale County Democratic Party, I would like to state our opposition to both and to clarify our stance on the Second Amendment and immigration.

First, we do not see the need to declare our county a sanctuary for gun owners. We see this as a “non-issue,” as the Democratic Party does not seek a repeal of the Second Amendment. So residents are aware, to make a change in the United States Constitution, both the House and Senate would both have to pass any proposed amendment. It would then have to be signed by the President of the United States, and then be approved by three-fourths of the state legislatures of the nation – meaning 38 states would have to also pass the bill.

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That is so unlikely as to be unreal.

Ninety percent of Americans approve of background checks for gun buyers and disapprove of guns with high-capacity chambers in the hands of average citizens. The Democratic Party, when talking about “gun control,” agrees with them. We do not wish to take anyone’s hunting rifles or handguns used for home and business protection.

I repeat: the Second Amendment is not in any danger.

To have our local County Commission declare us a “gun sanctuary” is an effort to divide our nation into two camps of them versus us. We do not need that – let the national government handle the big issues.

As to the need to declare that we refuse to resettle any refugees in our county, this too is unnecessary. Despite the ominous warning by a member of our County Commission that “the governor of Tennessee might bring a bus load of 25 or 50 refugee families and dump them onto Trousdale County,” that too is hyperbole, an obvious and intentional exaggeration.

The odds of any single refugee family being placed in Trousdale County are incredibly slim. A refugee family has to have a local sponsoring organization, such as a church or civic group, which would have the responsibility to arrange for housing, food and clothing and assist with their getting a job until that family is self-sufficient.

Again, this is a “hot button” topic intended to destroy communities and towns and further tear apart our nation.

We, the Trousdale County Democratic Party, want to go on record as opposing both these proposed resolutions.


John Oliver

Chairman, Trousdale County Democratic Party