By Hartsville Vidette Staff Reporter


It doesn’t seem possible but FSA will soon make the final payment on the tobacco buyout program (Tobacco Transition Program Payment) in just more than months from now, January 2014.

The January 2014 payment is the final installment of 10 equal payments when the government’s quota and price support system ended on various types of tobacco effective in 2005.

Anyone with an active tobacco contract can still transfer a contract to other immediate family member as long as this transfer is completed by Nov. 1.

The only other transfer available is for a decreased contract holder being allowed to transfer when the following is met in this order:

• First, if the deceased person with a contract has a surviving spouse, the tobacco buyout contract must go to the surviving spouse upon presentation of a death certificate, without regard to any will or other document.

• Secondly, if there is no surviving spouse, the contract can be transferred to members of the estate by the person allowed under State Law to distribute the assets of the deceased and provide a copy of the death certificate. Until this documentation is presented that identifies a personal representative to act on behalf of the estate, the contract is made inactive and no further payments can be issued.