By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

School officials were pleased with the results from an emergency drill conducted Monday morning at Trousdale County High School.

Law enforcement, EMS and the school system teamed to run an evacuation drill at the high school, simulating what would take place in an actual emergency.

“The kids took it serious,” said Director of Schools Clint Satterfield. “They did a great job.”

Students were evacuated within 17 minutes, Satterfield said, and were taken by bus to the middle school. That is just one of multiple options that the school system has in case of emergency.

Director of Schools Clint Satterfield

“That could change from time to time,” Satterfield said. “We wouldn’t want someone to know what our plans would be.”

State law now requires school districts to conduct emergency drills each year, Satterfield said.

Satterfield added that there were “a number of positive things” learned from the drill and also areas that were identified to be worked upon. He also praised the students for following directions, such as not bringing backpacks or other personal items.

Parents were notified ahead of time of plans to run the drill, both by letters sent home with students, a post to the school system’s Facebook and Twitter pages and a text message sent to parents Monday morning.

Satterfield said he was satisfied that sufficient word was sent, as he had received no complaints from parents. There were also no reported issues with parents showing up, which in an actual emergency could cause confusion among first responders.

“I’m very impressed with law enforcement’s response, the response of our bus drivers and our students,” Satterfield said.

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