By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

A group of parents met Tuesday evening with the intention of forming a Parent-Teacher Association for Trousdale County Schools.

“We’ve never had enough parents that want the same goal. We want to get parents together and see what they want to help out kids,” said Jessica Byrd, who helped organize the group and was elected as president.

The group must still go through a process to be officially recognized as a PTA, including getting backing from one of the school system’s three principals and approval from the school board.

Parents in attendance Tuesday emphasized that the formation of a PTA is not about using the group to criticize Trousdale’s schools, although some raised concern over individual policies such as parents eating lunch with children.

“Parents should not be punished for another parent’s actions,” said one of the attendees, who asked not to be identified.

Topics discussed by the group included improvements to the playground at the elementary school, helping organize and improve field trips, clarifying policies on birthday party invitations and providing opportunities for parents to volunteer at their child’s school.

Improving lines of communication between parents and teachers/administration is the most important thing the PTA wants to accomplish, Byrd said.

A Facebook group is being organized on behalf of the PTA that will be open to anyone who wishes to be involved – whether a parent of a student or simply a member of the community.

The PTA plans monthly meetings going forward, which will be announced via the Facebook group.

Byrd also said the PTA is for all three schools, not just for the elementary school.

“We just want to make sure they’re having a good experience with school,” she said.

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