By Chris Gregory, Managing Editor

Trousdale County students showed better than expected growth on the 2018 TNReady tests, according to data released by the Tennessee Department of Education last week.

As a district, Trousdale County rated a 4 on a 5-point scale for growth, up from a 2 in 2017.

While TNReady results look at students’ overall achievement and include whether a student scored as on track or mastered on their spring assessment, growth scores look at how much students are growing, regardless of whether they were proficient. Taken together, these results show a fuller picture of students’ performance.

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

Overall, the school district rated a 3 on literacy, a 1 in numeracy, a 2 in literacy and numeracy, a 5 in science and a 3 in social studies.

Broken down by schools, both the high school and middle school rated a 5 (highest level of growth) on their scores, while the elementary school rated a 1.

All three schools earned growth scores of 5 in science, while the high school and middle school each had 4s in social studies.

“Our district received a Level 4 – that is actually up from last year,” said Director of Schools Clint Satterfield at last week’s School Board meeting. “Our district has shown progress.

“We have a good game plan – we feel good about our game plan. We make an investment in our kids. We impact the lives of students for a long period of time.”

Satterfield noted an increased focus on English/Language Arts at the elementary level, especially in reading. He also said he felt efforts by the board to streamline curriculums and added emphasis on professional development on teachers was shown in the overall growth scores.

“We’ve spent a lot of focus on literacy at all our schools,” he said. “That’s making the necessary changes for kids. We commend our staff for having the courage to do that.”

TCHS Principal Teresa Dickerson said she was proud of her history department for the improvement it has shown over the last two years.

“I’ve never seen two people work harder to change something,” she said. “They plan together, they work together and their hard work paid off this year.”

Across Tennessee, more than 40 percent of schools saw improvement across the majority of their grades and subjects in 2018, and 210 of those schools saw improvement across all grades and subjects. Additionally, 88 school districts – about 60 percent – met or exceeded student growth expectations.

“While we know we still have room to improve, we also want to celebrate the hundreds of schools in Tennessee that showed progress this past year,” said Education Commissioner Candice McQueen. “Students and teachers are making encouraging strides on both TNReady and in their overall growth, and today’s results point to bright spots across the state where students saw across-the-board success this past year on the state assessment. We want to learn from those places as we also continue to improve.”

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