By Hartsville Vidette Staff Reporter

Just 4 Fun decisively claimed the high team series in the Monday Invitational with a 2001 and the next closest team was Family Ties with an 1870.
Family Ties did, however, claim the high team game with a 681. Mona Hatcher, bowling with Family Ties, had the women’s high scores with a 191 top game and 530 series.
Not surprisingly, more top individual scores were placed with Just 4 Fun. Kelly Overstreet had the high men’s game of 234 and finished with a 532. Jimbo Howard tied with Don Shepherd, The Odd Squad, with a 212 top game. Howard completed a 537 series. Shepherd finished with a 544 series, the men’s high series of the night. Jay Stetzel, This Is For You, fell one pin shy of Shepherd’s score and had a 543 series.
Bowling as one of Four Aces, Chad Corley had a 509 series.
The Wednesday Night Mixed League was pretty cut and dry for the main top scores. The Four Aces, a different team than Monday night, had the high team scores with a 683 game and 2020 series.
Margaret Moser claimed the women’s top honors, rolling a 166 game and 473 series.
Dick Oliver was the lead man with a top game of 258, a 210 game and a 629 series. Ronnie Woodall had the next high series with a 557 and a 201 game, just one pin ahead of Mike Chandler with a 556 series. Chandler scored a bit higher for game with a 216.
Tom Smitty headed the last few high scores with a 517 series. Fred Gilliam went home with a 509 series, just ahead of Johnie Sims with a 506 series and Jimbo Howard with a 502 series.
The Thursday Invitational also had a decisive winner for high team series and that was Four Deuces with a 2197.
Two more teams did score in the 2000s and they were Rabbit Hunters with a 2031 and 4 Havn Fun with a 2002.
Four Deuces also had the high game with a 778. With such high team scores, it is no wonder that all four bowlers with Four Deuces had top individual scores. Starting with Tom Russell, he had a 201 game and 565 series. William Eddings’ high game was a 240 with a 582 series. Tank Lea bowled a 539 series for the team and Eric Sarro, new to the team, had a 511 series.
The men’s high game just topped Eddings’ and was a 242 bowled by Corey Daniels with Rabbit Hunters. Daniels finished with a 576 series. On this same team, David Lee had a 215 game and 569 series.
Duck Hatfield had the men’s high series of 592 after bowling a pair of 203 games. He is on the team Funny Farm. Bowling with Hatfield, wife Vern Hatfield had the women’s high scores with a 198 game and 509 series.
Bill Weitzel had the high scores for his team Lucky Strikes after rolling a 205 game and 568 series.
Welcome back to Rooster Carver, who came and subbed for Rookies. He scored a 516 series for the team.
Rickey Norvil bowled a 541 series with his team 16-Pound [Bowling] Balls.
Jeff Hodge was the top bowler with 4 Havn Fun when he produced games of 223 and 200 on the way to a 576 series. Also contributing to the team effort was Jim Buisman with a 503 series.
Finally with Jack Rabbits, Kevin Stearman had a 552 series.
This concludes the high scores for this week so until next time, good luck and good bowling.