By Hartsville Vidette Staff Reporter

Two teams bowled over 2000 in the Monday Invitational on Oct. 30 and they just so happen to have bowled against one another.
Just 4 Fun had the lead series with a 2085 while The Voodoos finished with a 2048. The Voodoos, however, claimed the high team game with a 727 when Just 4 Fun had a top game of 708.
One bowler was absent for The Voodoos but the other three all chalked up some high individual scores. Starting with Wesley Brown, he began with a top game of 210 and completed a 573 series. David Estes Jr. had a 211 top game ending with a 549 series. Daniel Hollis’ high game was a 195 with a 512 series.
Just 4 Fun lead bowler Lisa Green not only helped the team but also claimed the women’s top scores with a 202 game and 534 series. Jimbo Howard was also instrumental for the team with big scores such as 210 and 235 games and a 621 series.
The men’s high scores came from the team Reset Puddin’. Eric Sarro bowled games of 179, 242, the men’s high game of the night, and a 203 for the men’s high series of 624.
Bowling for Split Ends, Beverly Hurley had a 505 series, Hugh Hurley had a 510 series and William Booth rolled a 211 game and a 539 series.
Jay Stetzel bowls with This Is For You and gave the team a 224 game and a 538 series.
Four Aces were at the forefront again for the Wednesday Mixed League. With a 719 high team game, they went on to score the high team series with a 2075.
Janie Ellenburg was the top woman bowler when she rolled a 217 game and finished with a 522 series.
A single bowler also claimed the men’s high scores and that was Dick Oliver when he had games of 199, 216 and 205 for a 620 series. J.J. Tomlinson added a 553 series to the evening’s top scores. Mike Chandler was next in line with a 520 series. Tom Smithey marked with both game and series when he bowled a 204 and a 513. The final high score of the night was a 510 series for Fred Gilliam.
Two teams again broke the 2000 mark in the Thursday Invitational. Jack Rabbits had the high series of 2073 and Four Deuces was the other team with a 2008. Jack Rabbits had the high game of 763 while Four Deuces’ high game was a 736.
A Jack Rabbits member bowled one of the men’s high individual honors. Brandon Weitzel claimed the high game with a 224 and finished with a 508 series. Other high scores for the team were added by Stan Pack with a 219 game and 559 series and by Kevin Stearman with a 537 series.
While the Four Deuces did not claim any high individual honors, they still had several top scores. Tom Russell had a 512 series, William Eddings had games of 213 and 217 on the way to a 566 series, and Eric Sarro had a 515 series.
Opposing the Four Deuces was Lucky Strikes where the men’s high series was scored. Bill Weitzel had games of 192, 222 and 202 for the high series of 616.
Vern Hatfield had the women’s high scores with her team Funny Farm. She bowled a 187 game and a 530 series. On this same team, Duck Hatfield added top scores with a 212 game and 559 series.
Jeff Hodge was the bowler with 4 Havn Fun that had a high score when he completed a 500 series
Rabbit Hunters chased down a few high scores beginning with Kerby Daniels who had a 544 series. Corey Daniels rolled a 202 game and 561 series. Rickey Norvil had a 536 series for his team and that concludes the high scores for the week of Oct. 30.
Until next time, good luck and good bowling.