By Larry Woody, Outdoors Writer

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency reported 579 deer checked in during last month’s second annual “velvet hunt” for bucks with antlers still in the velvet stage.

During last year’s inaugural hunt, 794 deer were taken.

This season eight velvet bucks were killed in Wilson County, four in Trousdale.

Photo by Larry Woody
This rare velvet buck with a third antler in its forehead was killed by a car.

The velvet hunt is limited to bucks only, and restricted to private land.

Bucks killed during the velvet hunt count toward the two-buck season limit.

Hot shot: Kerry Hale shot a perfect round of 50 to win last week’s trap shoot at the Cedar City Gun Club.

Fishing comments: Fishermen have until Sept. 12 to submit comments and suggestions to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency regarding the state’s fishing rules and regulations.

The comments will be considered when the Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission meets later in the month to set the regulations, which will go into effect March 1, 2020.

Email comments to [email protected] or mail to TWRA Fisheries Division, 5105 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37221.

Friends of NRA: The Wilson County chapter of Friends of NRA’s annual banquet/fundraiser is set for Sept. 28 at the Expo Center.

A wide array of firearms and other outdoors items and accessories will be available at auction. Proceeds go to support local gun-safety programs and shooting-related activities, along with ROTC units, civic and Second Amendment education.

For information about event tickets or sponsorships call Eddie Kirkus at 615-533-8721.

Boating safety: Although the peak summer boating is over, area lakes are still congested, especially on weekends, and the TWRA’s crackdown on safety violations will continue.

A point of emphasis is Boating Under the Influence, which carries similar penalties as Driving Under the Influence.

The TWRA encourages boaters to wear a life jacket any time the boat is moving.

Wearing a life jacket is mandatory for youngsters at all times, and for all passengers in boats below power-generating dams, even if the generators are not operating at the time.

Correction: In last week’s story about a charity clay target shoot, former Channel 4 Sports Director Rudy Kalis was misidentified.

Kalis, retired from TV, does inmate counseling at the Tennessee State Prison and remains a popular figure throughout Middle Tennessee.